Waiting for my cuttlefish (Perimenontas tis soupies mou)

I should be working on an Easter Egg post, but I’m just too antsy and unsettled. Why? Because I’m waiting for my grocery store to call and tell me that my cuttlefish order has arrived! They said it would arrive today; they should be calling any time. I’m planning to make Soupies meh Spanaki. I’ve never met a cuttlefish in person before, so this is a big event for me. I’ve only ever encountered cuttlefish as the main star of Soupies meh Spanaki, made by Mama when I wasn’t around. What will it be like? What kind of guts will it have? Will they be just like squid guts, or excitingly different? We shall see.

UPDATE: The supplier was temporarily out, but hopefully the cuttlefish will come squirting on in sometime Monday.


  1. Comment by Laurie Constantino

    Slightly different, though not excitingly so. Though trying to use “squid guts” and “exciting” in the same sentence is a wee bit difficult. Perhaps: “It was so exciting when the cats got ahold of them squid guts.”

  2. Comment by lulu

    Laurie, LOL!

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