Beef with Artichokes (Moschari me Agkinares)

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Beef, glorious beef!

chuck roast for beef with artichokes moschari me agkinares

Please note that the following amounts are variable, and may be altered to taste.
1.5 pounds of beef stew meat
artichokes – 18 baby artichokes -OR- 12 …

Cheese from Mama’s Island

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Lately I’ve been eating a lot of bread and cheese instead of cooking. And when I do cook something, it tends to be topped with grated myzithra cheese. There is a reason for this. A lovely, delicious, …

How To Prepare Grape Leaves For Dolmades (Ampelofylla Yia Ntolmades)

It’s grape leaf time! Late spring wherever you are is the time to harvest grape leaves for cooking, most especially for making dolmades.
abelofylla yia ntolmades klymatariagrape leaves for dolmades pile of vines
I usually forget …

Greek Tomato Salad (Ntomatosalata)

The basic Greek tomato salad is much simpler than the famous horiatiki. You just need tomatoes, onion (preferably red onion), salt, olive oil, and a bit of oregano.

Core the tomatoes and cut them lengthwise into …

Peppers in Tomato Sauce with Feta (Piperies me Feta)

I’ve never liked cooked bell peppers at all, and so I didn’t think I liked any cooked peppers. But this dish changed my mind.

Ingredients for piperies me feta.
8 long peppers (italian, banana, anaheim, etc), approximately 1.5 …

Tzatziki (Tzatziki)

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It feels funny to write down a recipe for tzatziki, because it’s the sort of thing one makes by adding stuff and tasting it. Hmmm, more salt? Oil? Yes, a little more of each! At the same …

My Secret Combination Is A Mystery For You

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For all the North Americans who don’t avidly follow the Eurovision contest, here’s a link to the Greek entry. Warning – Whether you like pop music or not, it’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head! By the …

Fry Bread (Ladopsomo)

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You can use absolutely any bread recipe you want for this. Face it, how could fried dough ever be bad? I’ve even had fried flour-and-water paste that was delicious. Seriously! So follow whatever bread recipe you …

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce and Myzithra Cheese (Makaronada)

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“They’ve ruined another perfectly good plate of spaghetti,” thought the 8-year-old Zoe. Her Italian cousins had made it, and of course they had put basil in the sauce once again. Zoe knew better than to complain though, as …

Greek Garbanzo Bean Soup (Revithia)

There are three Greek dishes that stand out in my mind as having a richness of flavor you’d not expect from the simplicity and humbleness of their ingredients, not to mention their ease of preparation. They are: Greek …

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