How To Fry Eggs Like Mama’s (Pos na tiganisete avga san tis Mamas)

Why is it that I can make a great omelet but I can’t fry an egg worth a damn? Thank goodness, Zoe taught me how to fry eggs like her mama does, and now I can face the world unashamed. Would you like me to fry some eggs for you? No problem!

In a nutshell, the trick is to baste the eggs with the hot oil so that the whites cook through without you having to perform the tricky task of flipping the eggs. Of course, if you don’t mind the yolks breaking, turning the eggs is no problem. But if you want unbroken, yet runny, yolks, the words “flip” and “turn” belong in a horror movie.

Cracking the eggs into bowls for Greek recipe for fried eggs.

Okay, so here’s what you do. First heat oil in a frying pan until it’s really hot. Don’t skimp on the oil! Then crack the eggs into the oil. If you’re a total klutz like me, you can first crack the eggs into small bowls and then slide them gently into the hot oil. If you bother to do this, you’ve officially become a member of “The Church of the Unbroken Yolk.” By the way, if you’ve gotten the oil really hot, the eggs should sizzle and bubble immediately.

Gently slide the eggs into the oil for the greek recipe for fried eggs.

Now just stand there and spoon hot oil over the eggs while they cook.

Basting greek recipe fried eggs with oil.

And here is my egg!

Greek recipe for fried egg the way lulu likes it.

Now, I like the whites to be set, but my number one concern is that the yolks be runny. Whereas with Mama and Zoe, while they want the yolks runny, their number one concern is that the whites be firm and set. This is accomplished by basting the eggs for a few seconds longer, as I’ll show you.

Basting eggs for mama and zoe for greek recipe for fried eggs.

Yup, just keep basting.

Greek recipe for fried eggs with well-done eggs.

And here are their eggs! The white is completely set, including the white on top, yet the yolk is runny. Serve with bread!

The final product for greek recipe for fried eggs.


  1. Comment by Peter G

    Seeing this brings back memories of how my parents cook eggs Lulu! Great stuff!

    Peter G’s last blog post..Giouvarlakia

  2. Comment by FoodJunkie

    Yes, loads of sourdough bread and freshly ground pepper on top!

    FoodJunkie’s last blog post..Gefsinosia

  3. Comment by Laurie Constantino

    And the eggs are particularly good when they’re farm eggs with amazingly golden yolks. I’ll take your version though…

    Laurie Constantino’s last blog post..Summer Tomatoes in Greece with Historical Information and Recipe for Strapatsada (Greek Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes)

  4. Comment by Carmen

    Thanks for visiting my site! You know, it’s a great point you make about the eggs being at room temp or not – I took the eggs out and put them on the counter about 20 minutes before they went into the oven – so they were probably still a bit cold. It’s amazing how quickly those yolks cook! Hard to get them perfect. :)

    Carmen’s last blog post..Baked Bacon and Egg Bread Cups

  5. Comment by maria verivaki

    exactly as my husband cooks them – i can see form the photos!

    maria verivaki’s last blog post..Cretan salad in Paleohora

  6. Comment by Lulu

    Peter and Maria – Thanks, I had wondered if this was a common technique or just a family recipe.

    Food Junkie – Yes, nothing better than freshly ground pepper!

    Laurie – I’ve only once had really fresh eggs (a friend with chickens) but they so stood out in my mind that I’ve never forgotten. To this day I harbor dreams of having some chickens.

    Carmen – Welcome! And thanks for the info; I’ll keep that in mind when I try your recipe.

  7. Comment by Ivy

    I like the yolks runny as well. I could eat friend eggs every day.

    Ivy’s last blog post..Chicken Pie and Chicken Croquettes

  8. Comment by Lubna Karim

    Wow looks awesome.

    Lubna Karim’s last blog post..#13 Joy From Fasting To Feasting !!!

  9. Comment by Bellini Valli

    Well…I learn something new every day. Who would have known it was so simple to have unbroken yokes:D

    Bellini Valli’s last blog post..…and the Beat Goes on for Heirloom Tomato Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette

  10. Comment by Nate

    We’ve started using a new (to us) technique which calls for putting a pot lid over the egg and letting it steam-cook. Comes out pretty good, and doesn’t use any more fat than is necessary.

    Nate’s last blog post..Mana Bu’s Musubi (Honolulu) PLUS Musubi Maker Giveaway

  11. Comment by katie

    The trick I learned when I worked in a restaurant in college was to put a couple of drops of water on the egg, then immediately cover with a small lid. In about 10 – 15 seconds the steam will have cooked the top of the egg, making it look ‘over-easy’ without the risk of breaking the yoke.

  12. Comment by James

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  13. Comment by Paula

    I LOVE eggs. I’ll have to try this method. I always use olive oil, but usually just a little bit, on medium heat, and I flip them over easy. My daughter loves runny yokes, too! YUM! I’m in the mood for eggs now! Guess what I’ll be eating for breakfast tomorrow?!

    Paula’s last blog post..Change of Plan Simmered Chicken

  14. Comment by Lulu

    Ivy – That’s a cute typo! Fried eggs are friend eggs!

    Lubna – Thanks!

    Val – I bet you’re not such a klutz as I am. (I still manage to break them this way 😛 )

    Nate & Katie – I’d totally forgotten about that method. I actually used to use it and I like it. The oil basting gives a slightly different effect, more of a fried effect.

    James – I’m sure many people find me through typos, probably much to their displeasure. :-)

    Paula – I would do them your way if I were a competent flipper overer. But I’m not, so…

  15. Comment by maria verivaki

    hi lulu, yes, you’re right, it’s important for parents to help their kids make good food choices, after all we choose so many other things for them (school, extra-curricular activities, playmates), why not help them out on food too!

    maria verivaki’s last blog post..A Diet Succumbs

  16. Comment by James

    For a lower fat egg – use tiny bit of oil and when half cooked put the frying pan under the grill to cook the top…..

    Thanks for the comments. I was searching your blog the other day in hope of a falafal recipe. I was having a falafal crisis – any tips?

  17. Comment by Lulu

    Hi James, thanks for the tip.

    Gosh, a falafel crisis sounds serious! :-) I’ve never made falafel so I don’t have any advice, but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for you.

  18. Comment by manju

    I’m with you, #1 priority is yolk runniness, but I’ve always been a flipper (not always a successful one, mind you). I’m going to try this method this weekend… it will be a relief if my angst-filled flipping days are over! ; p

    BTW, how is your little dog? Just before I slipped into moving oblivion, he was having a rough time. Hope all is well…

    manju’s last blog post..Glühwein

  19. Comment by Lulu

    Thanks for asking, manju. I’ll email you.

  20. Comment by Mediterranean Turkish Cook

    It took me a while to figure out how to cook an egg as shown in the picture. Now I can do it, but instead of basting, I either cover the lid or just turned them over real quick. Thanks for showing step by step. I will try it your way too next time!

  21. Comment by Lulu

    Hi, Mediterranean Turkish Cook, yes, all those methods work great. Let me know how it goes!

  22. Comment by Mediterranean Turkish Cook

    FYI…I tried them yesterday for breakfast and it works! I may have a little less oil than you did, but still worked great. Thanks!

  23. Comment by Lulu


  24. Comment by Manuella Pararas-Hulbert

    I have always flipped and always get upset when they break, so this will save me alot of hassle, looking forward to trying it out. Thanks.

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