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March 1, 2009

A Cucumber Experiment (Peirama Me Aggouri)

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Draining cucumbers for tzatziki.

When I make tzatziki, sometimes I drain the cucumbers, sometimes I don’t. I know I’m supposed to, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. I’ve sometimes wondered if perhaps my practice …

February 16, 2009

Quince Spoon Sweet (Kydoni Glyko)

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Quince spoon sweet greek recipe for kydoni glyko served  on yogurt
Shown served as a topping for yogurt.


3.5 pounds quince
1 TB lemon juice
4.5 cups water
4.5 pounds sugar
scented geranium or vanilla

Cook it!
The recipe says to peel and core …

August 31, 2008

How To Drain Yogurt (Pos Na Straggisete To Yaourti)

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Greek recipes calling for yogurt, such as Tzatziki, invariably call for Greek-style yogurt, which means that the yogurt has been drained of its liquid whey. But you can easily drain American yogurt to use in Greek recipes, and …

May 24, 2008

Tzatziki (Tzatziki)

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It feels funny to write down a recipe for tzatziki, because it’s the sort of thing one makes by adding stuff and tasting it. Hmmm, more salt? Oil? Yes, a little more of each! At the same …

April 18, 2008

Why the Greeks are better cooks than the French

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The New York Times recently carried an interesting article on yogurt in the U.S. The first commercial yogurt was introduced in 1942 by Dannon, but Americans wouldn’t eat it. Finally, in desperation, Dannon started adding fruit and sugar …