Cabbage with Rice (Lahanorizo)

  • Slice 1 bunch green onions ( approximately 1 dozen )
  • Chop 1 bunch dill
  • Coarsely chop half a large head of cabbage
  • Saute onions and dill, then add cabbage and continue sauteeing until volume is slightly reduced.
  • Add 2-3 cups of water, bring to a boil and add 2 greek coffee cups of rice.
  • Simmer till done, approximately 10 minutes, then let sit for a few minutes and serve.
  • Add lemon juice to taste in each serving.

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  1. Comment by Rebecca Kapsis

    Thank you, My husbands thea fotoni makes this for us when we go to Rhodes Greece. Kosta my husband wanted
    me to make smoe today and I didn’t have the recipe . It taked just like our thea Fotoni we hope to see her
    this summer its been 5 years since we been there
    God Bless
    The Kapsis family

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