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May 9, 2008

Zoe’s Green Beans (Fasolakia tis Zoes)

Filed under: Legumes,Lent & Nistisima,Vegan,Vegetables,Vegetarian - 09 May 2008

Zoe’s mama always insisted her children put the utmost effort into school, and didn’t distract them too much with cleaning and cooking chores. As a result, Zoe reached adulthood without having ever made the classic Greek green bean dish …

May 4, 2008

Super Memo & Six Word Memoir

Filed under: Miscellaneous - 04 May 2008

So, I’ve disappeared from the face of the internet for several days, no email, nothing. What have I been doing offline? SuperMemo! SuperMemo is a computer-aided learning program that allows you to review stuff you’ve learned as …

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