How To Make Quick Tomato Puree

Tomato puree is a very common and important ingredient in Greek cuisine. It is made by grating tomatoes on a box grater, but there’s an easier way these days: puree them in a food processor.

Nothing could be …

Tomato-Pepper Sauce (Saltsa me ntomata kai piperia)

This sauce is perfect on grilled, baked, or broiled chicken or fish. It’s also good on french fries. Extra sauce freezes beautifully. In fact, I’ll make a batch of this when I have peppers and tomatoes to …

A Cucumber Experiment (Peirama Me Aggouri)

Draining cucumbers for tzatziki.

When I make tzatziki, sometimes I drain the cucumbers, sometimes I don’t. I know I’m supposed to, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. I’ve sometimes wondered if perhaps my practice …

Wild Mustard Greens (Vrouves)

The first time I went vrouves-picking with Mama, I confidently assured her that I knew which plants were the mustard plants, and went off into the middle of a good patch. I quickly filled my bag with mustard leaves, …

Quince Spoon Sweet (Kydoni Glyko)

Quince spoon sweet greek recipe for kydoni glyko served  on yogurt
Shown served as a topping for yogurt.


3.5 pounds quince
1 TB lemon juice
4.5 cups water
4.5 pounds sugar
scented geranium or vanilla

Cook it!
The recipe says to peel and core …

Beef with Quince (Moschari me Kydonia)

I’d never met a quince until I started hanging around with Greeks. Quince are mostly used cooked in desserts as they are a bit too sour to eat out of hand. I’m not big on desserts, so quince …

Grape Spoon Sweet (Stafyli Gliko)

I’m drowning in work right now, but these candied grapes in syrup are a quick and easy confection to make, so I made them.

Mixing grapes and other ingredients for greek spoon sweet stafyli gliko.

2 lb …

How To Fry Eggs Like Mama’s (Pos na tiganisete avga san tis Mamas)

Filed under: Eggs,How-To

Why is it that I can make a great omelet but I can’t fry an egg worth a damn? Thank goodness, Zoe taught me how to fry eggs like her mama does, and now I can face the world …

How To Use Extra Meatball-Rolling Flour (Pitakia)

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Many of the recipes I’ve gotten from Mama are authentically regional, but this one for “pitakia” is purely a family recipe. How much more regional than that can you get? Mama learned it from her mother, and who …

Summer Meatballs (Keftedes Kalokairinoi)

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Ingredients for greek recipe keftedes kalokairinoi summer meatballs.You can call them meatballs, but I would almost characterize these as vegetable fritters flavored with meat. Nevertheless, carnivores will love them …

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