Yay, My Camera Batteries Are Dead!

Woops, the title was supposed to be “Happy Mother’s Day!” But it’s awfully nice to just cook without taking pictures. I’m on my way to my parents’ house to celebrate Mother’s Day. My dad is grilling some sort of pork kebabs. I’m bringing Greek potato salad, Greek-inspired roasted carrots with thyme, olive oil and lemon, and Greek boiled zucchini.

The boiled zucchini is dressed with a vinaigrette, and really functions as a salad. But my mom always insists on cooked food being hot. Really hot. Ten minutes into any meal she starts offering to microwave stuff for people so that they can continue to eat their food at mouth-burning temperatures. This is a problem when it comes to the boiled zucchini. You’re not supposed to heat or cook it any more after you put the vinaigrette on it. I’ve tried to tell her this, to no avail.

So I’ve decided I should start callng it “zucchini salad.” That way she won’t think of it as a cooked food that’s supposed to be hot. Unfortunately, I’ve poisoned the well by serving it to her before as “boiled zucchini” and allowing her to microwave it so that it’s super steamingly hot. Today I’m going to try to break this vicious habit by serving the “zucchini salad” atop a bed of shredded lettuce, and topped with some diced tomatoes. Surely she won’t microwave that!


  1. Comment by Laurie Constantino

    I’ve written on my blog about Zafiris, my husband’s cousin and our dear friend. He only likes his food at room temperature. So if, for example, I’m serving fasolakia or stifado, he’ll say, it would be good if it weren’t so hot. Now, whenever he says that, I sadly say, it’s just a cultural difference, dear Zafiri. But I suppose that line won’t work with your mom.
    PS: Recipe for Zucchini Salad?

  2. Comment by lulu

    It’s just the usual boiled zucchini with olive oil and red wine vinegar. A little garlic and oregano is optional.

    I did go ahead yesterday and serve it on shredded lettuce, and I topped it with diced tomatoes. I wasn’t crazy about it that way, but my mom liked it, which was more important on Mother’s Day!

  3. Comment by Laurie Constantino

    You’re a good daughter! Heading into the kitchen to make tomato-less fasolakia…yum yum!

  4. Comment by Ivy

    Happy belated mother’s day. I wish I had my mother around, even if she were nagging all the time.

  5. Comment by lulu

    Laurie, I’m not really so good!

    Ivy, I hope I have my mother around forever, but….

  6. Comment by caroles

    boiled zuccini need LEMON!!!
    my zuccini plants here ,near volos, greece ,are just starting to produce. i’ll be steaming zuccs for a couple of months to come, and LEMON is their partner:)
    always searching for zucc pie recipes…

  7. Comment by lulu

    It’s amazing no wars have been started over the vinegar versus lemon question!

  8. Comment by Smith

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  9. Comment by paul

    there’s not telling what ppl will do, mind you. she might actually set that salad on fire. ;^)

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