Yay, My Camera Batteries Are Dead!

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Woops, the title was supposed to be “Happy Mother’s Day!” But it’s awfully nice to just cook without taking pictures. I’m on my way to my parents’ house to celebrate Mother’s Day. My dad is grilling some …

Zoe’s Green Beans (Fasolakia tis Zoes)

Zoe’s mama always insisted her children put the utmost effort into school, and didn’t distract them too much with cleaning and cooking chores. As a result, Zoe reached adulthood without having ever made the classic Greek green bean dish …

Super Memo & Six Word Memoir

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So, I’ve disappeared from the face of the internet for several days, no email, nothing. What have I been doing offline? SuperMemo! SuperMemo is a computer-aided learning program that allows you to review stuff you’ve learned as …

Lamb Fricassee (Arnaki Frikase)

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What I made for Easter Sunday dinner – Lamb Fricassee, a stew of lamb and greens, flavored with dill and onion, thickened with the egg-lemon concoction known as avgolemono. Delicious!


6-8 lamb chops, approximately 1.5 – 2 pounds. Ideally …

Fried Eggplant with Garlicky Tomato-Vinegar Sauce (Tiganites Melitzanes me Skordo kai Ntomata)

“Let’s have fried eggplant!” I have a fairly low tolerance for fried foods, so I was less than enthusiastic, but Zoe hooked me with the promise of a sauce I’d never had before. I’m glad I let myself be …

How To Dye Easter Eggs

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You will need:

A dozen eggs
Either one packet of Easter Egg Dye -or- The skins from 15 yellow onions.
Some old pantyhose (clean)
Some small leaves

I used (starting at the top and going clockwise) cilantro, parsley, bamboo, geranium, japanese maple, and dill. …

Waiting for my cuttlefish (Perimenontas tis soupies mou)

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I should be working on an Easter Egg post, but I’m just too antsy and unsettled. Why? Because I’m waiting for my grocery store to call and tell me that my cuttlefish order has arrived! They said …

Why the Greeks are better cooks than the French

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The New York Times recently carried an interesting article on yogurt in the U.S. The first commercial yogurt was introduced in 1942 by Dannon, but Americans wouldn’t eat it. Finally, in desperation, Dannon started adding fruit and sugar …

Aunt Lori’s Braised Greens (Lahanika sto Fourno a la Theia Lory)

Last time Mama returned from Greece, she brought with her this recipe for a wonderful dish she’d had at her sister-in-law’s house. If you want to be eating greens, but aren’t sure you’ll like them, this is the place …

Greek Cabbage Salad (Lahanosalata)

We served this salad at a Christmas party that Mama catered for me. I wouldn’t have expected party-goers to ravenously devour a humble cabbage salad, especially one served alongside such interesting dishes as Greek meatballs and moussaka, but …

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