How To Drain Yogurt (Pos Na Straggisete To Yaourti)

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Greek recipes calling for yogurt, such as Tzatziki, invariably call for Greek-style yogurt, which means that the yogurt has been drained of its liquid whey. But you can easily drain American yogurt to use in Greek recipes, and …

The Omnivore’s Hundred

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I just came across something fun, sort of a game for food bloggers. It’s a list, put together by Andrew from Very Good Taste, of 100 things he thinks “every good omnivore should have tried at least once …

How to Serve Leftover Meat Like a Greek

How do you serve leftovers like a Greek? The answer is two words: French fries. It’s possible I’ve just been hanging out with the wrong crowd, but from my observations, Greeks have an enormous capacity to eat …

Eggs Scrambled In Tomatoes (Strapatsada)

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Eggs and tomatoes for greek recipe strapatsada.

The name of this dish betrays its Italian origins. It comes from parts of Greece closest to Italy – the western Peloponnesos and the Ionian. This is a family …

Vacation Report – Kid Friendly Green Beans

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I’m back! We had a great time over at the coast.

Misty day on the beach.

I made just one meal because I was busy with work up until the night before we left, and didn’t have time …

Greek Beef Patties (Biftekia)

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Much easier and less time consuming than Greek meatballs, these beef patties are both tasty and easy for a weeknight supper. The uncooked patties freeze well, so you can make an extra large batch to have some on …

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (Makaronia me Kima)

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Three magic words to bring back the comforts of childhood for every Greek are makaronia me kima. This is a favorite family meal in Greece, tasty enough to interest adults yet totally kid-friendly….

Baby Fig Spoon Sweet (Sikalaki Gliko)

Mama makes her traditional recipes from memory, but when memory needs a little boost, she hauls out her battered old copy of Megali Mageiriki. The classic Greek cookbook, it’s very 1950’s, complete with faded photos …

Beef with Green Beans (Moschari me Fasolakia)

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Moschari me fasolakia is a Greek beef stew that features green beans. The cooking liquid is fresh tomato puree, with water added as needed.
Ingredients for greek food recipe moschari me fasolakia

Ingredients (All amounts are flexible and …

Orzo cooked in Tomato Sauce (Manestra)

Ingredients for manestra orzo in tomato sauce
“Aman vre Lulu, you’re not the first person to burn something!” But I was still upset; how could I screw up such a simple dish? And not just …

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