My Secret Combination Is A Mystery For You

For all the North Americans who don’t avidly follow the Eurovision contest, here’s a link to the Greek entry. Warning – Whether you like pop music or not, it’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head! By the way, the singer’s name, “Kalomoira,” means “good-fated.”

Kalomoira Eurovision

My secret combination is a mystery for you,
Use your imagination, I’m not easy but I’m true.

UPDATE: Ach, kakomoira Kalomoira! It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!


  1. Comment by Laurie Constantino

    Too bad she didn’t win! I like this a lot better than Sarbel’s entry last year.

  2. Comment by lulu

    Yes, his Yassou Maria was pretty forgettable. I had to search to remember it.

  3. Comment by maria verivaki

    but i think she deserved to win – when the UK votes a song as the best, i think it means it really is the best – everyone else’s is just political voting!

    thanks awfully for voting for me – and thanks for being the first to mention pollard’s book – i’ve started reading it!

  4. Comment by John Lampard

    After carefully considering her song, and then the song that actually won, yes you’re right, she should have won 😉 Gotta love the Eurovision song contest whatever happens though :)

  5. Comment by lulu

    Hi Maria! My pleasure on both counts!

  6. Comment by lulu

    Hi John! Thanks for visiting!

  7. Comment by Peter

    I love Europe but Eurovision has been the epitome of Kitsch. I wish Kalomoira all the best, she’s a great gal but Eurovision is gonna go the way of the dodo.

  8. Comment by Bellini Valli

    When I was in Athens 2 years ago Eurovision was being hosted. Being Canadian I do not speak Greek but in the evening if the television was on I could watch the contest:D

  9. Comment by lulu

    Peter, I think the the kitschy aspect is actually what I like about it! I’m not at all into pop music, so there has to be something else for me!

  10. Comment by lulu

    Val, isn’t it amazing how YouTube has exploded since then?

  11. Comment by Peter

    Lulu, I like that aspect too, but in the same way I watch the American Idol Auditions.

    I think the Spanish entry in the contest is hilarious…look! lol

  12. Comment by lulu

    Peter, that is funny! In a very weird way!

  13. Comment by Cheryl

    I’m a few days behind the rest of you but I had to pipe in. I thought Kalomira did a great job. My husband is convinced that her stiff dance moves blew it for her. He said, “what is that? what the heck is she doing?” …when she performed. I could only laugh…and agree.

  14. Comment by lulu

    Cheryl, I guess that does make more sense as an explanation than “It’s a conspiracy!” :-)

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