Fry Bread (Ladopsomo)

You can use absolutely any bread recipe you want for this. Face it, how could fried dough ever be bad? I’ve even had fried flour-and-water paste that was delicious. Seriously! So follow whatever bread recipe you like up until the point where it has you shape the loaves.

For frybread you divide up the dough into smaller portions and make flat “loaves” that look like pita breads. For a bread recipe that calls for 3 cups of flour I usually make six pieces, but it really doesn’t matter as long as they fit in your frying pan. Flatten the pieces with a rolling pin, or even just with your hands, and put them somewhere to rise for a while. I usually put them on a sheet or pan that I’ve lightly oiled.

Flattened loaves on oiled pan to rise.

Cover them loosely with plastic so they don’t dry out and leave them to rise for about half an hour. If you don’t have time for that, it’s okay to fry them right away, they’ll still be good, just a little less puffy.

Frybread covered with plastic.

Heat about an inch of oil in a frying pan, and when it’s hot (i.e., a little piece of bread or of dough dropped in will sizzle right away) add one dough portion. If they’re small enough, you might have room for two, but don’t crowd them. They need room “to swim.”

The dough is put in the oil.

Right away they’ll puff up a little, or maybe a lot!

Puffing up a lot.

When the underside is golden turn the bread over. You’ll probably find that the center is not as brown and well-cooked as the edges. If you want, you can baste the center with spoonfuls of hot oil to help even things out. You have to stand there and watch the bread anyway, so why not?

Basting the center of the bread.

When the other side is golden, remove the bread to a plate and start again with the next piece.

Some grated myzithra cheese sprinkled on top makes it extra good!

Serve the bread topped with grated myzithra cheese.


  1. Comment by Peter

    Lulu, nicely done and I’ve never tried these.As you stated, who can turn down fried bread? I certainly cannot.

  2. Comment by Cheryl

    MIL makes this once in a while. It’s a great comfort food.

  3. Comment by lulu

    Peter, you’ve never had these? I’ll email you some! :-)

  4. Comment by lulu

    Yes, definitely comfort food, Cheryl, at least until I’ve eaten too many… 😛

  5. Comment by b

    Mmmm this would be wonderful with the grated cheese over top:D I have to try this:D

  6. Comment by lulu

    Hi b! :-) It is good and of course the cheese doesn’t have to be myzithra.

  7. Comment by Cassandra

    I’ve never tried this recipe, it sounds wonderful- and most importantly, simple & straightforward to make. Thanks for posting it,

  8. Comment by lulu

    Hi Cassandra, I hope you try it!

  9. Comment by Ivy

    This looks absolutely delicious and with myzithra it is perfect.

  10. Comment by lulu

    Hi Ivy! It’s not exactly diet food, though, is it?

  11. Comment by Laurie Constantino

    WIthout the myzithra, it’s a famous and well-known Eskimo recipe. No matter the ethnicity, fried bread is addictively good. And, as you say, not exactly diet food!

  12. Comment by Yemek Tarifleri

    Thanks about this for this reason it is so important for me. Thanks again :)

  13. Comment by Lulu

    Hi Yemek! You are welcome!

  14. Comment by Anonymous

    This is food from Panama in cenral america…. we eat it for breakfast with cheese on top, or mix it in with a tomato sosage salsa. And no, this is terrible for your health, but it tastes very good, also we make it so they taste sweet.

  15. Comment by Jonathan

    I truly can’t get enough of Amish Cooking.
    They’ve had a lot of time to perfect their craft, that’s for sure!

    Amish Friendship Bread Starter Recipe

  16. Comment by bread boxes

    I love fresh bread! great stuff ^^

  17. Comment by veronica

    it is so good!i just made abatch yesterday for my famiy we love it!!!!

  18. Comment by ki?isel geli?im uzman?

    Thank you very good post.

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