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February 22, 2009

Wild Mustard Greens (Vrouves)

The first time I went vrouves-picking with Mama, I confidently assured her that I knew which plants were the mustard plants, and went off into the middle of a good patch. I quickly filled my bag with mustard leaves, …

May 29, 2008

How To Prepare Grape Leaves For Dolmades (Ampelofylla Yia Ntolmades)

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It’s grape leaf time! Late spring wherever you are is the time to harvest grape leaves for cooking, most especially for making dolmades.
abelofylla yia ntolmades klymatariagrape leaves for dolmades pile of vines
I usually forget …

April 27, 2008

Lamb Fricassee (Arnaki Frikase)

Filed under: Greens,Lamb - 27 Apr 2008

What I made for Easter Sunday dinner – Lamb Fricassee, a stew of lamb and greens, flavored with dill and onion, thickened with the egg-lemon concoction known as avgolemono. Delicious!


6-8 lamb chops, approximately 1.5 – 2 pounds. Ideally …

April 16, 2008

Aunt Lori’s Braised Greens (Lahanika sto Fourno a la Theia Lory)

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Last time Mama returned from Greece, she brought with her this recipe for a wonderful dish she’d had at her sister-in-law’s house. If you want to be eating greens, but aren’t sure you’ll like them, this is the place …

April 13, 2008

Greek Cabbage Salad (Lahanosalata)

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We served this salad at a Christmas party that Mama catered for me. I wouldn’t have expected party-goers to ravenously devour a humble cabbage salad, especially one served alongside such interesting dishes as Greek meatballs and moussaka, but …

June 23, 2007

Swiss Chard (Seskla)

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Cut up white swiss chard, including stems.
Boil in salted water, then drain.
Saute garlic in olive oil, then put in some cut-up tomatoes.
Cook for 10 minutes then add chard and black pepper.

June 17, 2007

Cabbage with Rice (Lahanorizo)

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Slice 1 bunch green onions ( approximately 1 dozen )
Chop 1 bunch dill
Coarsely chop half a large head of cabbage
Saute onions and dill, then add cabbage and continue sauteeing until volume is slightly reduced.
Add 2-3 cups of water, bring to …