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June 23, 2007

Mama’s Chicken Soup

Filed under: Chicken,Soups - 23 Jun 2007

Rinse 1 whole chicken and put it in a large soup pot. Cover with water, add a bit of salt and bring to a simmer.

While chicken is simmering:
Skim frequently.
Peel 1 onion.
Peel 2 carrots and halve both lengthwise and crosswise.
Halve …

Okra (Bamyes)

Filed under: Vegan,Vegetarian - 23 Jun 2007

Wash and cut the tops off 2 lb okra. If the okra is old, cut off the tips, too.
Sprinkle with salt and put on a tray in the sun for an hour or two.
Saute in 1/4 inch olive oil.
Remove okra …

Meatballs with Potatoes and Tomato Sauce (Soutzoukakia meh Patates kai Saltsa Domata)

Filed under: Beef,Potatoes - 23 Jun 2007

(this recipe is under construction)

Make a batch of meat for keftedes but shape it into torpedoes.

Cut up potatoes and bake with garlic, butter, lemon and a little water, salt and pepper, at 400° turning down to 375° if they get …

Swiss Chard (Seskla)

Filed under: Greens,Vegan,Vegetarian - 23 Jun 2007

Cut up white swiss chard, including stems.
Boil in salted water, then drain.
Saute garlic in olive oil, then put in some cut-up tomatoes.
Cook for 10 minutes then add chard and black pepper.

Roasted Potatoes (Patates Psites)

Filed under: Potatoes,Vegan,Vegetarian - 23 Jun 2007

Cut 4 yukon gold potatoes into eighths and put in a baking pan.
Add 1 greek coffee cup lemon juice (~1/4 cup)
Add 1 greek coffee cup olive oil (~1/4 cup)
Salt and pepper by eye
Put 3 TB butter on top

Bake at 350* …

Cracked Wheat in Tomato Sauce (Trahana)

Filed under: Rice/Grains,Vegetarian - 23 Jun 2007

Trahana is cracked wheat which has been soaked in milk and then dried in the sun on your rooftop. There are two types of trahana: sweet, and sour. Sour milk is used for the sour trahana. As Mamá is from …

Smyrna-style Meatballs (Soutzoukakia Smyrneika)

Filed under: Beef - 23 Jun 2007

1 1b ground beef
1 onion, grated
4 cloves garlic, pressed
4 slices bread, crusts removed, soaked in water and squeezed
1 egg
2 TB ouzo
2 TB olive oil
mint, oregano, parsley, paprika (recipe called for cumin but Mama uses paprika because we picky kids don’t …

Fried Sausage and Peppers in Tomato Sauce

Filed under: Sausage - 23 Jun 2007

Saute 2 onions, sliced and 6 (or more) large anaheim peppers, sliced
When soft and somewhat caramelized add 4 large tomatoes, diced or pureed or grated (your choice).
Also add salt and pepper and a few whole peppercorns.
Cook for a while then …

How To Make Mama’s Green Olives

Filed under: How-To - 23 Jun 2007

Make 3 longitudinal 3 cuts in each olive.
Put in a food-safe plastic bucket and cover with water.
Change water daily, till they turn dark, maybe a month or so. (It’s easiest to do this if you have the bucket outside.)
Put in …

Eggplant (Melitzana)

Filed under: Eggplant,Vegan,Vegetarian - 23 Jun 2007

Slice two eggplants ¾ inch thick, salt, and sauté till brown
(Optional: thickly slice a few small potatoes, or one large, and saute.)
Layer eggplant in baking pan (with potatoes if using).
Braise 5 medium onions, sliced, in about a quarter inch of …

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